District Committees
2017 - 2018

Adjudicator Selection Fern McArthur, Carol White
Clavier Jean Wilson
Newsletter Neil Patton
Development Carol White
District Program Planning Claire Wachter
Email Wyatt Burger
Library Genevieve Mason
Membership Sandy Hull
Mentorship and Recruitment Fern McArthur
OMTA Liaison to U of O Michael Seregow
Referral Jane Young
Website Delores Tiktin, Webmaster David Tiktin

Student Activities Committees
2017 - 2018

Barnes and Noble Play-a-thon David Cragun
OMTA Ensemble Festival Susane Reis-Davis
Festival of Popular Music Wyatt Burger, Paul Safar
OMTA Baroque Festival Genevieve Mason
OMTA Composition Celebration Paul Safar
Recital Decorations Coordinator Janie Kaminski
Recital Program Designer Neil Patton
Soule Scholarship Competition Lucy Clevenger
Spring District Recital Jean Wilson, Wyatt Burger
Spring Theme Festival Pat Morse, Crystal Zimmerman
Student Trophies Marti Csonka
Syllabus (Fall and Spring) Carol White

Next Meeting

Monday, October 9, 2017, 9 AM

Memorize and Remember, Presented by Dr. Jeanine Jacobson
Place: First Congregational Church, Eugene

Coming Events

Festival of Popular Music

Coming Deadlines

Friday, October 13

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Well poised and composed
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