Code of Ethics

That all music teachers should recognize the necessity of organized effort in advancing music as a means of culture, and that all should assume the duties and obligations incident thereto.

That music, either in performance or appreciation, should be the right of every American home, and

That every teacher should constantly seek improvement of self to the end that the community is enriched in educational, recreational and religious participation by means of the love of music which the teacher inculcates.

To achieve these goals...

We, the members of the Oregon Music Teachers Association pledge allegiance to the following principles and policies which we have adopted:

  • We will seek no advertisement through the medium of free lessons. When schools, colleges or conservatories advertise free lessons, in private or in class, the instructors thereof shall be paid sums commensurate with their respective abilities. Scholarships are not included in this rule.
  • We will confine ourselves to dignified and truthful advertising.
  • We will not knowingly accept a pupil who has failed to pay another teacher.
  • We will not take unfair advantage of fellow teachers.
  • We will not publicly present a pupil who has come from a former teacher, for a period of six months, without stating on the program that the pupil has not received all the training from our studio.
  • We will refrain from making false or improbable promises to prospective pupils relative to ability or presentment.
  • We will not seek any position unless notice has been given of impending vacancy.
  • High standards of conduct in our business relations shall be expected. We will hold pupils responsible for payment of time originally reserved.
  • As members of a progressive art, we encourage research to develop new skills, study to enlarge our knowledge of all branches or learning, master-classes to acquire new teaching techniques, attendance at concerts, lectures and discussions to enhance our own general culture.
  • We favor frequent professional meetings for workshop study, for acquaintance with fellow workers, and for the purpose of keeping abreast of new trends.

We assume these obligations freely and willingly mindful that they are a part of responsibilities as members of the Oregon Music Teachers Association and of the Music Teachers National Association.

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Monday, June 11th, 2018 7 PM

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