Barnes & Noble Play-a-thon

Date Perfomance: Saturday-Sunday, December 3-4, 2016
Purchasing: Saturday-Friday, December 3-9, 2016
Times 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM in 20 minute segments. There will be five minutes between teachers. Teachers may group with another teacher for 45 minutes total for both teachers.

Play-a-thon Performance Schedule

Fee None
Deadline October 29, 2016
Forms No forms required. To reserve a time slot, contact the chair. You will receive an email about the sign-up. Also, the chair will have the sign-up sheet at the first meeting.

Vouchers are required to credit purchases to the Eugene OMTA.

Type Fund-Raising student performance. Eligible for 1 trophy point.
Repertoire Varied - up to the discretion of the teacher. Beginner through Advanced Literature. Ensembles as well as solos are welcome.
Description OMTA fund-raiser to benefit costs for student recitals. A baby grand piano will be provided.
Memorization Encouraged, but not required
Email or Phone