Guidelines for Recital Chairs

Preparing Recital Programs

  1. A minimum of three teachers, preferably more, should be represented at each recital. Even though we have a rule of a maximum of 15 minutes per recital per teacher, if a teacher has more than 4 or 5 students it is best to put their students in more than one recital.
  2. Students are limited to a maximum of 8 minutes of performance time per recital unless otherwise indicated in the recital description.
  3. Put an individual teacher's students in consecutive recitals if possible.
  4. There should be a good representation of lower and upper division students at each recital.
  5. Place younger, less advanced students at the early part of the recital and older more advanced students later in the recital. End with a strong performer.
  6. Avoid putting more than one performance of a piece in a recital if at all possible. If that is not possible separate them by several pieces.
  7. Allow time (approximately 15 - 30 seconds) between each student's performance in calculating the total performance time of the recital.
  8. Recitals should begin on the hour and last approximately 45 minutes. This may not be possible for very large festivals.

Announcements at the Beginning of the Recital

  1. Introduce yourself and welcome the audience on behalf of the OMTA.
  2. Ask audience to turn off cell phones.
  3. No flash cameras during performance. Pictures may be taken at the end of the recital.
  4. Request that the audience plan to stay for the whole performance but if it is necessary to leave, please do so between performances.
  5. Announce any changes in the order of the program. (If there are any changes in the order of the performances you may have to again announce the changes during the recital to prevent confusion.)
  6. Ask students to bow only at the end of his or her performance (except at the Bach Festival).
  7. Ask that the next student come up during the clapping for the previous student.
  8. When you have made all the announcements, introduce the first student.
  9. Announcing each performer after that is optional. We do not do so in most recitals.
  10. At the end of the recital, recognize teachers whose students played in the recital.

Help on Recital Day

When sending e-mails or calling teachers with their schedule, ask a few teachers whose students are performing to assist during the recital. Some things they might assist with are:

  1. Handing out programs.
  2. Checking off students on the program as they enter.
  3. Seating the students if needed.
  4. Making the announcements (be sure the teacher has a list of everything that has to be mentioned).
  5. Guarding the door before the next recital.