Instructions for Completing Recital Entry Forms

  1. Members are responsible for submitting complete and accurate information on the Recital Entry Forms. See Recital Program Guidelines for Teachers and Chairs. This will require looking up complete composer names, listing complete compositions using opus numbers, movements, tempos, BWV numbers, etc. whenever possible. Our goal is to present programs for our festivals in a professional manner.
  2. The chair will create programs based on information submitted. If information is incomplete, the chair may contact the teacher for missing information. It will not be up to the chair to look up missing information.
  3. Once programs are complete, they will be emailed to participating teachers to proof their own student's information.
  4. The final layout and order of performers on the program is up to the recital chair.
  5. Please be respectful of the chair and your colleagues and keep any last minute changes to a minimum. Last minute changes are time consuming for the chair, and we need to remind our parents and students that last minute changes are discouraged.