Recital Dress Code

Students and families should learn both correct recital behavior and appearance as part of a well-rounded musical education. Appropriate dress shows respect for both the music and the audience. Teachers should review and strongly encourage the following dress code guidelines with their students and parents before every recital.

Clothing and shoes should be clean, neat and appropriate for the special occasion of a recital. Boys should wear a dress shirt, dress slacks and nice shoes. (A white shirt and black or tan pants will always look nice.) If only jeans are available to the student, they should be dark and new in appearance. Baggy pants and those that reveal underwear are not acceptable. Avoid tennis shoes and baseball caps.

Girls should wear a dress, skirt or dress slacks. Although short skirts may be in fashion, they are not appropriate for playing piano in a public performance. It is recommended that skirts and/or dresses should be knee-length when seated and without side slits. Tops should cover the midriff completely. Sheer or revealing garments are not appropriate. Dress shoes are preferred for recitals. Flip-flops, sandals and similar casual styles are not appropriate. Jewelry that interferes or distracts should not be worn.