Recital Etiquette

Please help to make all OMTA recitals and events a pleasant musical occasion for everyone by following these rules of recital etiquette:

  1. Arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before the recital is scheduled to begin. Wait quietly if an earlier recital is still in progress. Do not block exits.
  2. Absolute quiet is essential during the recital. Talking, whispering, rustling programs and other annoying sounds distract the performers and annoy the audience.
  3. Do not bring food or drink to the recital. Most churches and recital halls do not allow food or drink.
  4. Avoid bringing babies and very young children to recitals. They cannot be expected to remain silent for an entire program. If you must bring young children, keep them as quiet as possible and take them out of the recital hall if they become restless or fussy.
  5. Sit quietly during the recital. Children should remain seated with their parents and no one should be moving around the recital hall during the program
  6. Plan to stay for the entire recital. It is impolite to leave before the program is over.
  7. If you must leave the recital briefly, always exit and re-enter during applause, not while someone is performing.
  8. Do not use any device that could startle performers and annoy the audience. This includes cellular phones, flash cameras and tape recorders. Please silence pagers and cell phones. Do not block the aisles with tripods or move about with video cameras. Photographs may be taken of the students at the piano after the recital is over.
  9. Support every student with your generous applause, but save cheering, shouting, whistling and stomping for sports events. Such behavior is inappropriate at a music recital.
  10. Please hold applause until a student has completed the entire performance.