Pianist's Performance Guidelines

It is important to be prepared and to be rested.

Dress appropriately, remembering that this recital is a special occasion.

Plan to arrive at least ten minutes early.

Listen attentively to other players, enjoying what each adds to the program.

When it is your turn to perform:

  • Approach the piano with confidence, going directly to the instrument. Exceptions:
    • If this is a solo recital, stop and bow to acknowledge applause.
    • If it is a competition, a nod to the adjudicator might be appropriate.
  • Sit down. If you are using music, place it securely on the music rack. Be sure to take time to adjust the bench to your needs. On rare occasions the bench might need to be moved before you sit down.
  • Place your hands in your lap and take a deep breath. Listen to one phrase unfold in your mind so you know the tempo and mood you wish to project.
  • Place your hands on the keyboard and listen to two measures in your mind, then begin. Play with as much expression and enjoyment as possible as you bring the music to life.
  • Hold the last note its full value and bring your hands to your lap. Stand up and with a big smile look at someone in the back row. Make a deep slow bow, then stand erect. Walk to your seat knowing that your performance has given joy to many.

After the recital accept compliments graciously. When possible congratulate other performers.