Teacher Guidelines and Responsibilities

Please read these guidelines carefully before entering students in OMTA events. Check the monthly newsletter and the website regularly for updates and changes.

  • All pianists, vocalists, instrumentalists, and ensembles are encouraged to participate.
  • Most events take place on Sunday afternoons with 45-minute recitals scheduled to begin on the hour.

Teacher Guidelines

Eligibility: Participating teachers must be current with OMTA dues.
Fees: Entry fees must be submitted with the entry form and are non-refundable. At least one performer of an ensemble must study with a current OMTA teacher. The entry fee is paid by the OMTA student.
Entries: All entries submitted must use forms from the OMTA or our district website. Entrants must meet repertoire requirements and guidelines. Please include complete and legible information on the entry form. Include the first and last name of the composer and the arranger when applicable.
Deadlines: Please respect entry deadlines. Event chairs need two weekends to get programs together. Late entries may be accepted until recitals are full or at the discretion of the event Chair.
Scheduling: When making requests for scheduling, please give the event Chair at least two options. Scheduling requests will be given careful consideration and granted whenever possible.
Time Limit: Students are limited to a maximum of 8 minutes performance time per recital. Teachers are limited to a maximum of 15 minutes total performance time for each recital. Each teacher may enter a maximum of 45 minutes of total performance time per festival. Accurate timing of pieces is critical to keep recitals running on schedule.
Dress: Students must dress according to the Eugene District dress code.
Copies: Photocopies of a musical score are not allowed for performers or adjudicators. A photocopy used to facilitate a page turn is acceptable for the performer only. Music downloaded from a CD-ROM or the Internet should be presented in a folder with the permissions page on top.
Trophy Points: Students are awarded one OMTA trophy point for participation in any festival sponsored by Eugene District or the State OMTA. See State Guidelines and Procedures.

Use of Recording Equipment
State Policy revised June 2012

OMTA sponsored events shall be conducted according to the highest standards of dignity and concert hall protocol to promote optimal conditions for the participants. Use of recording equipment is permitted at the discretion of the event chair. The operators of recording equipment must act discreetly to maintain the concert hall atmosphere. The use of recording devices to contravene copyright laws is illegal and may be prosecuted. Recordings may not be used to contest the decisions of the adjudicators as the decisions of the adjudicators are final

Teachers are responsible for making parents aware of this policy.

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