Lucy Clevenger, NCTM
Piano Studio

3345 Chambers St
Eugene, OR 97405


Lucy Clevenger and students

Lucy Clevenger received her Bachelor Degree from the State Music College in Kiev, Ukraine, where she studied music theory, history, teaching methods and piano performance. After graduating with honors, Lucy was accepted into the State Music Conservatory in Kiev, where she continued her studies and earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in 1988. Lucy utilizes traditional Russian methods of piano instruction with emphasis on music theory, sight reading, ear training and development of technical skills. She is an active member of OMTA.

Studio Policy

Fees and Materials
Tuition fee includes weekly lessons of 45 or 60 minutes plus group lessons held 4 times during the year. Music books, materials, festival fees, recital fees, and syllabus fees are not included in the tuition fee.
Lesson Preparation

Students are expected to arrive at the lesson prepared. Suggested minimum practice time is 15 minutes per day for elementary level, 30 minutes for intermediate level, and 45 minutes for advanced level.

Parental involvement is vital, particularly for younger students. It is the parentís responsibility to set the practice time, monitor student progress, and make sure the student is prepared for each lesson.

Musical Equipment
Each student should have a well-maintained acoustic piano at home which is tuned at least once a year. Digital keyboards are acceptable if they include weighted keys and working pedals. It is very important to have a metronome on hand during practice sessions.
Performance events
All students are strongly encouraged to participate in various OMTA sponsored recitals and competitions as well as studio recitals twice yearly. In addition, lessons will prepare students for OMTA Syllabus Examinations, a program designed to evaluate musicianship and repetoire mastery by a professional adjudicator.

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