Nobuko LeBeau
LeBeau Piano Studio
3198 Kevington, Eugene OR 97405
Cell: 541-915-4152

Nobuko LeBeau

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The curriculum includes learning and using good technique to play expressively, developing confidence in performance, understanding and applying theory concepts to the music (dynamics, scales, key signatures, chords, arpeggios, etc.). We also cover sight-reading, duet playing and music appreciation.


I expect all students to practice regularly. Please practice at least fifteen to twenty minutes daily. Older students should practice 30 to 45 minutes daily.


Nobuko LeBeau's Stduents

All students will participate in a recital once or twice a year. I would like students to build confidence and experience the joy of performing music for an audience. If a student is interested in participating in the district recital or the competition I will arrange it too. Also, I encourage my students to participate in the OMTA (Oregon Music Teachers Association) Piano Syllabus Exam. The syllabus is designed to provide students with a thorough and comprehensive background in keyboard skills, musical understanding, and performance ability. A student will demonstrate in front of an adjudicator scales, chord progressions and several music pieces that are required for each syllabus level (levels I-X).

About Me

I earned a Yamaha Organ Teacher Certificate and Performance Certificate in Japan. I have taught piano and organ since 1984 in Tokyo, Japan and Eugene, and I was a wedding organ player in Tokyo, Japan. Also, I have a bachelor's degree in elementary school teacher education and psychology. I have been an active member of the Oregon Music Teachers Association since 2006.

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