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Give the Gift of Music

Music study helps in the advancement of self-expression and personal achievement. Studies show music students do better in school. Playing the piano is a valuable lifetime skill and a good foundation for other instruments.

The casual and formal opportunities for performance help students overcome fears of public performance, a skill that is useful later in life. Adults find that learning to play the piano is a stimulating, challenging, and rewarding way to release stress. Piano study is a creative and life-enriching pursuit.

Give someone you love the gift of music.


Linda Plant:

  • Is OMTA State Certified.
  • Has been teaching in this area since 1973.
  • Is an active member of the Music Teachers National Association, Oregon Music Teachers Association, and the National Guild of Piano Teachers, which gives her students the opportunity to play in auditions, syllabus exams, and other events.
  • Is a professional church organist/pianist.

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Lessons include repertoire, theory and technique. Some lessons include a computer lab with programs for building skills in theory, ear training, sightreading, note reading and composition.

Group lessons are held three times during the year and include performance opportunities in a smaller setting and lessons on special topics.

Call today for more information. Or make an appointment for a free, no-obligation consultation to help you determine whether the Linda Plant Piano Studio is right for you. Call (541) 747-7798 today.

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