Delores Tiktin Delores Tiktin
Piano Studio
Eugene, Oregon

(541) 686-2086

I have been teaching piano for 25 years, the last 19 of those years in Eugene, Oregon. I am a State Certified member of the Oregon Music Teachers Association.

My Goals

I believe that music study should be a fun and enriching experience for every child. I tailor my teaching to each individual child and to his or her learning style. My goal is to make each child comfortable and at ease with me and with their music study. This makes learning more enjoyable and facilitates the learning process.

I offer students a variety of music: classical, contemporary, jazz, popular and ragtime. They have the opportunity to choose repertoire. If students are playing songs they enjoy, they are much more likely to practice.

In addition to studying music repertoire, my students receive a well-rounded musical education. I include technique, music theory, ear training, sight-reading, and ensemble music.


Group experiences provide added opportunities for musical development. I have informal playing classes for my students called "piano parties." They give the students an opportunity to perform some of their favorite pieces in a relaxed atmosphere in front of their fellow students. The students also play musical games in which they have fun learning music theory and music history.

I have a studio recital at the end of the school year. In addition, throughout the school year, my students have the opportunity to perform in recitals sponsored by the Oregon Music Teachers Association.


OMTA syllabus exams are available to my students. The exams are optional but participation in them is a motivator that contributes to a child's musical development.