Website Guidelines

Guidelines for Updates

The Eugene District website is an online extension of the OMTA Yearbook. The website is updated each summer to provide information about teacher and student activities for the coming school year. Event Chairs should send any changes for the fall to the Website Coordinator by July 20th. Event Chairs and Officers should check the website as soon as the fall update is complete to make sure that the information pertaining to their area of responsibility is correct. In particular, please check to see that:

  • Your email is entered correctly. (Click on or hover cursor over your name.)
  • The dates, times and locations of events of which you are Chair are listed correctly.
  • Other information regarding events that you coordinate is correct.

The information on the District's website can be kept current only if Chairs and other members provide the Website Coordinator with updated information.

Submitting Files

Additional materials may be posted during the year as events arise. Materials may be submitted by email. If you send materials as an attachment, the preferred format is MS Word (.doc) format. Documents submitted in PDF (.pdf) format or as JPEG (.jpg) files can also be posted. However, it is not always possible to make corrections or revisions to files submitted in these formats.

User Information

The Eugene District website is very user-friendly. There is a list of officers, committee members, and event chairs with links to their email addresses. (Just click on the address to send an email.) Links to MTNA and the State of Oregon OMTA sites are also provided.

There are Forms for all of our events on our web site in PDF format. Click on Forms under Student Activities and then click on the particular form for the event in which you are entering your students. The forms are editable online. That means that you may fill them out online and then print them. You may also choose to print the forms first and fill them in by hand.

The Teacher Directory page lists Eugene District OMTA teachers who have a personal web page on our site or a link to their own website. If you would like a web page of your own or a link to your own website, please contact the Website Coordinator.

Make a bookmark in your browser to and be sure to spread the word to potential new members and prospective student families.

Alexis Gibbons
Website Coordinator
(541) 214-3921

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